Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I get to learn about the gospel, that is a gift from Heavenly Father.
For my birthday I got a Ken Doll! Also I got a Triceratops Pillow which I bought with my birthday money.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In 2011 there is lots of new things going on. Here is some.
1.I'm going to turn 9.
2. Shelby's going to turn 14.
3. Grandma and Grandpa Shipley are coming in October.
4. Carter's going to turn 7.
5. My mom is going to turn 38.
6. Same with my dad, to turn 38.
7. We have Keno for 4 years.
8. We've been having Molly for 10 years.
9. I get to start in the Jr. B class.
10. I get to learn zoology.
11. No School in Summer!

Thank you for reading this.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls Camp!

About a month ago I went to girls camp. I got all packed on Tuesday I had 2 bags, a cot and a pillow everything else was in the trailer. My friend Madelyn and I loaded everything in to a stroller and brought all of our stuff to Sister Bays together. the next day we met at the church at 11:00 and we covered notebooks and made journals. We also got separated to our tents. Then we all got in the cars. Sister Becar Locked her keys in her car and we were at the church for another half hour my mom and dad where there because mom was coming to girls camp with me and dad was coming for the first night as priesthood and he was also bringing up the trailer. My dad finally got her car unlocked and we were on our way. Once we got to the campsite we unloaded everything and then we set up out tents once we had out tent up and swept out and claimed our spots we sat around the campsite and lots over people made friendship bracelets. we had dinner and then Madelyn,Tori,Morgan and I walked around. as it got late we sat around the fire and roasted some marshmallows Krista could roast them perfect and quickly. Then we went on a snipe hunt we had to put our hair on the top of our head and put toothpaste around our mouth every screamed but I screamed the hardest! Then next day we went to the lake and Tori, Madelyn and I swam to the middle of the lake the Tori turned back but Madelyn and I kept going. We swam all the way across the lake. at lunch time we sandwiches the leader for got cheese so we replaced it with cheesy chips they also forgot a knife for the peanut butter so we used a a granola bar. On the third day we hung out at camp until after lunch we went on a hike the leaders kept giving misleading comments on how many miles it would be they said like 10 maybe 20 miles. It was really .3 to the waterfall and .3 back. once we got back we had dinner we had tinfoil dinners the next day we packed up camp and left.the whole time at camp sister Becar and I wore the same colored shirt every day. I had a REALLY good time expect the the snipe hunt that was torture other than that and I CAN'T wait until next year!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Incredible Journey

Last Wednesday my friend Madelyn and I decided to ride our bikes to the chevron its five miles from city center so a total of 10 miles of biking. So after lunch at about one P.M I went over to her house it probably took us about 15 minutes to get ready we went back to my house and I got a water bottle and but the basket on my bike. by 1:30ish we were at the start of the trail to the hill we took we followed that for a bit and then got the hill now if you have ever seen the hill up to unity pass it my no look hard but on a bike it was hard and it didn't help that grasshoppers were everywhere Madelyn got to the top all the way on a her bike I only had walk up the hill once!I am very proud of that because Madelyn told me that when she went there before with a bunch of people only she and one other person made up all the way on a bike all of the rest walk there bikes ALL the up the hill I didn't have to walk all the way up the hill.Anyway once we got to the top it was all downhill except for one part put it was super easy because we were just going downhill.Once we got to the chevron we toke a bathroom break but before we bought anything we hit the bookstore and the music store. After that we went back over to the chevron and we each bought a slushie and we split the cost on a box of the mini doughnuts. We sat in the shade as enjoyed our rewards. After we were done we went back to the bookstore they had the Percy Jackson ultimate guide and I SO wanted to buy it but I had to save the rest of my money for secret sister stuff for girls camp(It this week!!!!!) we spent a total of 2 or 3 hours up there and we didn't want to leave but we had to. The way back so much fun! we stopped a bit to take pics but other that that it was really fast the way back down the hill was super fun we went way fast!! It was five by the time we got back and the day started out nice and cool but by the time we were done it was way hot. we were talking about doing it again next mouth. But for now I have to get ready for camp and I'll probably post about that to. But after that bike ride I was Really tired But it was totality worth it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First Walk With Molly

What a big day it was, yesterday. Molly had to go on a walk. As Mom got out the leash, Molly sprang up with joy. Molly couldn't sit at all when Mom said "sit". So I came and helped. After Molly was leashed up, we took off out of the neighborhood into the park. Molly pulled me a little, but when we came back home Mom paid me for walking Molly.

Here are my animals biggest to smallest. As you see, I add my elephant too. Lou Lou was in the middle, and her brother was last. I took this photo, and thought it should go on my blog.

Poor Shelby, she was sick yesterday, and now today. I hope that she'll feel better, and never be sick.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Big Day!

I got to go to my dad's work, and I was really excited! I brought my sleeping pet, Up, my doodle markers, and my white drawing pad. I was in a 'Love' shirt that Grandma gave me. I hope that I'll go to my dad's work again!

Monday, December 14, 2009


On December 1st I got one of my Fablehaven books signed by Brandon Mull. I got the fourth book out signed. So here's the story: I's was a Tuesday and on Tuesday we walk wikit, Mike and Tiff's dog, and have art class. On this Tuesday we were going to run so errands. Mom needed a movie that she had put on hold for liberty girls the next day so we were going to the Riverton library to see if it was there, on the computer it said "in transit" we were going to go look anyway and see if it was there, if it wasn't we would go tho the Harrimen library to see if it was there, if it wasn't THERE we would go to draper library. So you get the point mom was willing to ANYWHERE for this movie. So, after art class we went to the Riverton library it wasn't there ( I was also looking for Far World: land keep by J. Scott Savage but sadly never found it) so we went to the Harriman library luckily the movie was there. Next, we went to Walmart to get our cousin Christmas gifts then after we got those we went to classic books in Lehi were Brandon Mull was signing books we waited in line for about........ an hour and a half because there was two lines one was the people that he taught a workshop. So, anyway after all the waiting he signed my book and he signed a poster and a bookmark for me too! Sarah got a bookmark. I can't wait till the fifth and final book comes out!! Fablehaven is awesome!!
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