Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Incredible Journey

Last Wednesday my friend Madelyn and I decided to ride our bikes to the chevron its five miles from city center so a total of 10 miles of biking. So after lunch at about one P.M I went over to her house it probably took us about 15 minutes to get ready we went back to my house and I got a water bottle and but the basket on my bike. by 1:30ish we were at the start of the trail to the hill we took we followed that for a bit and then got the hill now if you have ever seen the hill up to unity pass it my no look hard but on a bike it was hard and it didn't help that grasshoppers were everywhere Madelyn got to the top all the way on a her bike I only had walk up the hill once!I am very proud of that because Madelyn told me that when she went there before with a bunch of people only she and one other person made up all the way on a bike all of the rest walk there bikes ALL the up the hill I didn't have to walk all the way up the hill.Anyway once we got to the top it was all downhill except for one part put it was super easy because we were just going downhill.Once we got to the chevron we toke a bathroom break but before we bought anything we hit the bookstore and the music store. After that we went back over to the chevron and we each bought a slushie and we split the cost on a box of the mini doughnuts. We sat in the shade as enjoyed our rewards. After we were done we went back to the bookstore they had the Percy Jackson ultimate guide and I SO wanted to buy it but I had to save the rest of my money for secret sister stuff for girls camp(It this week!!!!!) we spent a total of 2 or 3 hours up there and we didn't want to leave but we had to. The way back so much fun! we stopped a bit to take pics but other that that it was really fast the way back down the hill was super fun we went way fast!! It was five by the time we got back and the day started out nice and cool but by the time we were done it was way hot. we were talking about doing it again next mouth. But for now I have to get ready for camp and I'll probably post about that to. But after that bike ride I was Really tired But it was totality worth it.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure! Great job! I can't wait to hear about Girl's Camp. I hope you have a blast!