Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls Camp!

About a month ago I went to girls camp. I got all packed on Tuesday I had 2 bags, a cot and a pillow everything else was in the trailer. My friend Madelyn and I loaded everything in to a stroller and brought all of our stuff to Sister Bays together. the next day we met at the church at 11:00 and we covered notebooks and made journals. We also got separated to our tents. Then we all got in the cars. Sister Becar Locked her keys in her car and we were at the church for another half hour my mom and dad where there because mom was coming to girls camp with me and dad was coming for the first night as priesthood and he was also bringing up the trailer. My dad finally got her car unlocked and we were on our way. Once we got to the campsite we unloaded everything and then we set up out tents once we had out tent up and swept out and claimed our spots we sat around the campsite and lots over people made friendship bracelets. we had dinner and then Madelyn,Tori,Morgan and I walked around. as it got late we sat around the fire and roasted some marshmallows Krista could roast them perfect and quickly. Then we went on a snipe hunt we had to put our hair on the top of our head and put toothpaste around our mouth every screamed but I screamed the hardest! Then next day we went to the lake and Tori, Madelyn and I swam to the middle of the lake the Tori turned back but Madelyn and I kept going. We swam all the way across the lake. at lunch time we sandwiches the leader for got cheese so we replaced it with cheesy chips they also forgot a knife for the peanut butter so we used a a granola bar. On the third day we hung out at camp until after lunch we went on a hike the leaders kept giving misleading comments on how many miles it would be they said like 10 maybe 20 miles. It was really .3 to the waterfall and .3 back. once we got back we had dinner we had tinfoil dinners the next day we packed up camp and left.the whole time at camp sister Becar and I wore the same colored shirt every day. I had a REALLY good time expect the the snipe hunt that was torture other than that and I CAN'T wait until next year!

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