Monday, December 14, 2009


On December 1st I got one of my Fablehaven books signed by Brandon Mull. I got the fourth book out signed. So here's the story: I's was a Tuesday and on Tuesday we walk wikit, Mike and Tiff's dog, and have art class. On this Tuesday we were going to run so errands. Mom needed a movie that she had put on hold for liberty girls the next day so we were going to the Riverton library to see if it was there, on the computer it said "in transit" we were going to go look anyway and see if it was there, if it wasn't we would go tho the Harrimen library to see if it was there, if it wasn't THERE we would go to draper library. So you get the point mom was willing to ANYWHERE for this movie. So, after art class we went to the Riverton library it wasn't there ( I was also looking for Far World: land keep by J. Scott Savage but sadly never found it) so we went to the Harriman library luckily the movie was there. Next, we went to Walmart to get our cousin Christmas gifts then after we got those we went to classic books in Lehi were Brandon Mull was signing books we waited in line for about........ an hour and a half because there was two lines one was the people that he taught a workshop. So, anyway after all the waiting he signed my book and he signed a poster and a bookmark for me too! Sarah got a bookmark. I can't wait till the fifth and final book comes out!! Fablehaven is awesome!!
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  1. me either - 5th book - can't wait.

    i'm a little jealous that you got your book signed! so cool!!!