Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Big Day!

I got to go to my dad's work, and I was really excited! I brought my sleeping pet, Up, my doodle markers, and my white drawing pad. I was in a 'Love' shirt that Grandma gave me. I hope that I'll go to my dad's work again!

Monday, December 14, 2009


On December 1st I got one of my Fablehaven books signed by Brandon Mull. I got the fourth book out signed. So here's the story: I's was a Tuesday and on Tuesday we walk wikit, Mike and Tiff's dog, and have art class. On this Tuesday we were going to run so errands. Mom needed a movie that she had put on hold for liberty girls the next day so we were going to the Riverton library to see if it was there, on the computer it said "in transit" we were going to go look anyway and see if it was there, if it wasn't we would go tho the Harrimen library to see if it was there, if it wasn't THERE we would go to draper library. So you get the point mom was willing to ANYWHERE for this movie. So, after art class we went to the Riverton library it wasn't there ( I was also looking for Far World: land keep by J. Scott Savage but sadly never found it) so we went to the Harriman library luckily the movie was there. Next, we went to Walmart to get our cousin Christmas gifts then after we got those we went to classic books in Lehi were Brandon Mull was signing books we waited in line for about........ an hour and a half because there was two lines one was the people that he taught a workshop. So, anyway after all the waiting he signed my book and he signed a poster and a bookmark for me too! Sarah got a bookmark. I can't wait till the fifth and final book comes out!! Fablehaven is awesome!!
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving day

So I decided to a post on thanksgiving here's what Me and my family did.
I got up At 6 or 7ish (nope even on holidays I can't sleep in) I clean my room and went downstairs and played on the computer for a while then I went back up stairs And read some Farworld by J. Scott Savage Then mom got ready for her walk and molly was a spaz.OK lets skip to the thanksgiving part so had thanksgiving at grandma Shipleys this year we got there and I found Vanessa and Megan they were looking at some art Vanessa had drew then we down stairs and played in the library then we watched Braydon play guitar hero. then grandma called us all up for dinner. we had turkey, mashed potatoes , rolls and other stuff then we had pie pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie and cherry pie. then we played some more and I told Vanessa when the last fablehaven book is coming out ( March 23, 2010 if your wondering) then we did the November birthdays. After that we watched Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs and then we left and went to tiff's house we played band hero which is VERY fun it has 3 Taylor swift songs on it and I got to sing them all we played that for a while and had some more pie and stuff. then we left and went home Mom and Dad said it was time for bed so I went to my room and read the went to sleep and that was our thanksgiving day
Happy thanks giving!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fives Tag {Sarah}

This time I'm ready to do the Tag.

Five Things I don't leave the House without
1. Stuffed Animals
2. Books
3. Shoes
4. Socks
5. Treats

Five Cartoons I watched when I was Younger
1. Wonder Pets
2. Dora
3. Ruff
4. Blues Clues
5. Clifford

Five Things that Terrify Me
1. Spiders
2. Scary Movies
3. People that terrify me
4. People that put on scary costumes
5. A scary House

Five things that I hate/dislike that everyone else seems to like
1. Eggs
2. Playing tricks on me
3. Going to my room when I'm in trouble
4 Teasing
5. Not getting a pet

Five things I want to do before I die
1. Have children
2. Having a couple of horses, one cow, a couple of chickens, and a big garden
3. Having my own website
4. Having my own phone
5. Having a big house

Five People I tag
1. Katie (Shelby's imaginary fairy)
2. Lola (Ali's friend)
3. Adrienne (Ali's goldfish)
4. McKayla (Ali's special friend)
5. Ali's Mom & Dad

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shelbys five things (tag)

So papa tagged me so here goes
five things I don't leave the house without
1. Shoes
2. A book
3 Watch
4. Clothes
5. Socks (I have stinky feet)

five cartoons I watched when I was younger
1. Dora the explorer
2. Blues clues
3. Power Puff Girls
4.Dragon tails
5. Lion king 2 simba's pride (yes it's a movie but it's a cartoon)

Five things that terrify me
1. Dieing
2. Falling from something so high you can't see the ground
3.Gutting a fish
4. Wasps or yellow jackets
5.Public speaking

Five Things I hate/dislike that everyone else seems to like
1. Mushrooms
2. Peppers
4. Tomatoes
5. Miley Cyrus (people my age like her)

Five Things I want to do before I Die
1. Write a successful book and publish it
2. Go to college
3. Go on a cruise
4. Have family
5. Get the career that I want

People I tag
1. Madeline
2. Keno
3. Molly
4. Tiff (maybe this time she will do it)
5. Ali ( Sarah's imaginary fairy)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cooking on Safari

Here is a fun Idea to use up all that summer squash!
All you need is yellow squash.
Parmesan cheese.
And Garlic salt.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This Thursday we went camping we went to mirror lake.
on Thursday we got there and set up camp after we had camp set up we started dinner I peeled and sliced potatoes for our tinfoil dinners after dinner we took the dogs and walked down to the lake to fish for a bit. mom took the dogs for a walk while we fished. after mom was done with her walk mom, Sarah and I walked back up to camp. mom started the fire again and we roasted marshmallows dad was at the lake till dark he didn't catch anything to keep.

here is us fishing the next day while fished we saw ospreys and eagles.
After fishing for and hour or so of fishing I caught the first fish

Here is my first fish a few minutes later I caught another fish this one was even BIGGER than the first one.Here is Sarah after she caught a fish.
Later we went in to town and got shakes and Ice cream YUM! And later we made s'mores YUM!
The next we went fishing didn't get anything and went to camp we ate breakfast and packed up camp and went home.
I had a great time camping and can't wait till we go again!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keno's growling hisself out

Today was a funny day, because we read Junie B. Jones. It was so hilarious, it was call Junie B. Jones is not a crook. I took this video Keno is growling so hard that I could laugh.

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