Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First Walk With Molly

What a big day it was, yesterday. Molly had to go on a walk. As Mom got out the leash, Molly sprang up with joy. Molly couldn't sit at all when Mom said "sit". So I came and helped. After Molly was leashed up, we took off out of the neighborhood into the park. Molly pulled me a little, but when we came back home Mom paid me for walking Molly.

Here are my animals biggest to smallest. As you see, I add my elephant too. Lou Lou was in the middle, and her brother was last. I took this photo, and thought it should go on my blog.

Poor Shelby, she was sick yesterday, and now today. I hope that she'll feel better, and never be sick.

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  1. Poor Shelby. I hope she's feels better too. Good post Sarah. I didn't know you had an elephant.